What humans say as testimonials

Sébastien Nuñez on Body and Brain Reprogramming

Du focus et du bien-être ! Voilà comment je résumerais le travail avec Sonia. À chaque séance, Sonia est très à l’écoute pour répondre aux besoins du moment et elle adapte le contenu. On sent que le déroulé est 100% personalisé et cela d’augmenter l’impact du programme.


Thought Leadership Academy Co-Founder | 4*TEDx Speaker and Coach

Francisco Costa Leite on Life Consulting

I met Sónia on a time of my life where I was with no capacity or knowledge to control my agenda and with difficulties to put my stress aside. With her I was (and now I am) sure about my challenges, wills and manifesto that help me guide my personal and professional strategies and focus.


Founder and CEO of TheNetwork

Ana Viana on Life Consulting

“O Life Consulting ajudou-me a ter clareza so re as habilidades que possuo e em como maneja-las, seja nos momentos de avançar ou recuar. O trabalho é de trazer à superfície o que há de mais precioso em si e transformar isto em confiança, força e potência para realizar-se. O Know-how e carinho da Sonia, fazem com que a experiência seja leve e libertadora.”

Study at Universidade of Brasília and Freelancer

Dee Brodie on Life Consulting

I really enjoyed my Life Consulting sessions with Sonia. She is a very wise, loving and effective coach and I achieved results without struggle – in fact with pleasure! I always looked forward to our sessions together and despite having done years and years of work on myself I found them really valuable and I learned a lot.


Director of Deebrodie.com

Carlos Sezões on Body and Brain Rep.

Sónia is an extraordinary professional, with great skills in areas like body exercises, meditation, mindfulness and stress management. Her techniques and insights help managers to focus and increase well-being, work-life balance and decision making. Highly recommended!

Partner at Stanton Chase International

Nuno Cunha on Body and Brain Rep.

Sónia is a holistic professional, with huge networking and people skills. Her approach and methods to support customers to achieve their goals, well-being and life balance is effective and well above average.

Founder and CEO of AAVANZ and Start-up Advisor and Mentor

Luisa Baltazar on Life Consulting

Sónia has an amazing capacity of leading us through a journey of knowledge and self-discovery. The teachings, knowledge and insights she uses to help us understand, discover and achieve our Purpose in Life are rooted in well proven concepts and on a well thought out process and methodology. This is a program that will surely and always bring immense value to everyone.


Founder of Dialogy Consulting, of SOMA Services and Business Mentor

Andy Burton on Body and Brain Rep.

Sonia has a very calm and deep way of helping us reconnect with our bodies and our intuition. She breaks down the process extremely well and a greater presence and awareness continues to sink in long after her sessions.


Career Coach at AndyBurtonCoaching.com

Michael Memeteau on Body and Brain Rep.

Being an entrepreneur is hard and you have a lot to benefit if you know how to handle and manage stress in a better way: Sonia will help you to do exactly that. She is uterly profissional and will adapt her teaching according to your particular stage and spirit.


Crafting actionable intelligence from telematics data streams.

Michael Brodie on Body and Brain Rep.

The sessions with Sonia were extraordinary, and she, very gently and respectfully, guided me through physical processes that had a real calming and liberating result. I started to experience greater enjoyment in simple things like going for a walk, looking at sunsets etc.


CEO at OurNet LDA