Life Consulting

An invitation for a deep discovery on what makes you vibrate, brings you excitement and keeps you motivated in your everyday life. Come find your true purpose and come learn how to live aligned with it.

It is essential to have clarity in our lives. Living is the art of making wise choices at every intersection of life. Every choice we make, from the smallest ones such as “am I going to eat strawberries or cranberries’”, to the big ones such as “do I want to live in a big capital or in a small city?” are the stepping stones of our journey.

And every choice we make has two sides… Just like in Nature that without the night we could never have the day or that without the certainty of death we could never value life, so do choices we make have an onus and a bonus.

Unfortunately, amongst the noise and the stress, nowadays we want to live only the bonus of our choices and unconsciously run away from the onus, in truth simply abiding our own human nature of avoiding pain.  

Realizing that every choice we make has these two sides and learning how to align them with ourselves, demandes reflexion and self-knowledge by bringing to words what makes us vibrate in life.

That is the purpose of the DeROSE – LifeConsulting program:

  • To help you take a deep dive that brings clarity about what you really want to feel in life, what are your natural and individual strengths, and your true purpose.
  • To provide you with a method to align your routine, activities and projects along side with your true purpose.
  • To teach you how to use diverse tools that develop more soft skills so you can more easily achieve your goals.

Although we do have 10 steps in the process, each one of them will be lived and assimilated in your own time and with no pression. As and average and by my experience this Consulting Program can last from 4 to 6 months. The first 5 steps are dedicated to your Self Knowledge. The final 5 steps are dedicated to align your routine, agenda and habits to support your discovery on how to live your true purpose in your everyday life.

The entire process is based on DeRose Method concepts, to learn more please visit their website.