Body and Brain

With personalised specific techniques, you can reprogramme your body, your brain activity and manage your mental and emotional state. A program that is the result of 20+ years of experience.

From Top Managers or CEO’s, to sport athletes, students, entrepreneurs or freelancers, I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with them all by interacting and working with human beings in a large diversity of contexts, cultures, locations and needs.

During my experience, as DeROSE Method specialist, I found out that each person is unique with un unique natural body function and natural brain function. From this starting point, I was able to design a personalized program for each and every one of my clients, creating it as a unique and most valuable recipe for achieving great results.

The purpose is to reprograme body and mind habits, so you can wisely and consciously use the natural flow of your body and brain in an effortless way.

The length of the program will always depend on how the client embodies and applies these personalized techniques. To respect each person’s own rhythm is a point of the utmost importance. However, the program frequency I usually recommend is of 1 to 2 sessions per week so to achieve new habits that, from my general experience, I estimate will be attained in a 3 months minimum.

The program is based on the techniques of de DeROSE Method and it comprises breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, Isometric body training and relaxation techniques. 

If you identify with what I do, who I am and represent and are willing to go further in life to achieve your goals then feel free to contact me. I am willing to offer you a 20min video call that will set us on the journey of discovering what is Your Personalized Program that best suits your needs!