About me

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Wilson Watts

Born and raised in Lisbon, I lived in Paris for 12 years and consider myself a creative soul, passionate about the human being, a wisdom seeker and an adventure entrepreneur.

My path started in Lisbon where I studied arts, theater and singing. In 2000 I made the discovery of my life, the DeRose Method, a Behavior and Habits changing program. I was 20 years old at the time, and so it was easy to be fascinated on how a program could be so practical, simple and self-sufficient. I got so drawn in to it, that I deeply and intensely studied it and became a Certified Teacher starting to give classes and train other people in 2001.

My adventurous side never lets me stay very long in the same place, so in 2002 I decided to move out of Lisbon and go work and live in Oporto in Portugal. Just an year later, in 2003, I got the amazing opportunity to move to Paris and to be the pioneer of this program, as the main Certified Teacher, while launching and spreading the concept and brand in France.

It was a great adventure at the time and a huge challenge for a 23 years old young woman. Paris taught me how to have a sense for detail and how a hard work it is to be and have the tolerance to embrace a strong culture such as the French.

I opened my one company in 2007 at St Germain des Près already with 30 students by my side. The goal was building a space where people could be themselves and feel free from the stress of the city. I called it “The oasis inside Paris. From that company 10 professors and 3 other formation centers of the brand come to be born and created.

After a long period of reflexion, since my creative soul was already screaming to be out to new adventures, in 2015 I decided to sell my company and move on considering that my work and mission was done in France.

It was a moment to seek a more flexible work and higher life quality, and it became a mature realization inside of me, that my real passion was on inspiring people and on helping them to have their own results. And to top it off, I now had the experience of creating a brand in another country and of being a CEO of a small company in a big capital.

So, the decision to come back to Lisbon in 2016 was a very simple one to make: more Life-Work-Quality, enjoying the company of my parents and little brother, and the will to start something new with all the knowledge and wisdom acquired in 19 years of career.

And indeed, rebuilding a life in your own country was the right challenge at the moment. I started off by connecting with people while adapting to a new city and lifestyle. I became a Dog Lover (Naya is her name), being much closer to my family and enjoying the creativity that Lisbon has to offer in so many ways. And my work context and conditions are flexible, multicultural and with multi languages. Today I do live by my values, I know the sense and purpose of my life and apply it in my everyday routine. The professional maturity brought me a way of looking at each human as a unique and complete being with all their potential and with opportunities to live a full life.