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Skills for the future

A friend sent me this article and I was amazed to read the prediction of the author:

Its been 20 years working with meditation, mindfulness, (#derosemeditation) allowing people to have more mental clarity and emotional stability, to be present in the moment, and have a more purposeful life. At the time when I started (in the year 2000) it felt totally “outside of the box”. The irony of a global pandemic and lockdown is: The “outside of the box” becomes normal today. Why is that?

Simple: when the human being slows down his life, he starts to feel what’s happening in his body, emotions, and mind. In lockdown there’s no runaway from it. We were forced to be with ourselves so much that we have time to think about our lives.

Having time, makes us wonder. So people started to find solutions to deal with this new challenge that is imposed: How it will be when the lockdown is over? How can I protect myself? Do I want my life as it was before?

One of the solutions is to train your mind to be present, manage your emotions states, and taking real care of your body.

And why is that? Because humanity needs to learn how to deal with uncertainty. Self-care is our responsibility after all, and Nature made that call to us.

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