“We must make our days vibrant, enthusiastic and intentional. When we know our purpose and live consistently aligned with it, we’re filled with authentic happiness and we can finally offer our unique contribution to our loved ones, to our society and to all humanity.”

Sébastien Nuñez on Body and Brain Reprogramming

Du focus et du bien-être ! Voilà comment je résumerais le travail avec Sonia. À chaque séance, Sonia est très à l’écoute pour répondre aux besoins du moment et elle adapte le contenu. On sent que le déroulé est 100% personalisé et cela d’augmenter l’impact du programme.


Thought Leadership Academy Co-Founder | 4*TEDx Speaker and Coach

Francisco Costa Leite on Life Consulting

I met Sónia on a time of my life where I was with no capacity or knowledge to control my agenda and with difficulties to put my stress aside. With her I was (and now I am) sure about my challenges, wills and manifesto that help me guide my personal and professional strategies and focus.


Founder and CEO of TheNetwork